Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Break is Here!!!!

Happy Holidays!  Is anyone as excited about Christmas Break as I am?  It has nothing to do with wanting a break from my students, yet everything to do with wanting a break.  Everyone needs a break! It is not a reflection of the people around me.  I love my students, I love my team and I will honestly miss seeing everyone over our break.  But one thing I have learned over my 17 years of teaching, is that those breaks are exactly what make us better teachers.  We become refreshed, have time to actually READ (which is what we are always expecting of our students), we catch up on sleep and we, yes, come into school to work.  It's a different kind of work though.  

Before I go into exciting things coming up in 2015, I want to recap the end of 2014. We ended our "year" with another exciting Golden Ticket Reward.  We had hot cocoa and donuts in the morning while playing several different math games.  We had a wonderful Christmas Party in which we played Christmas charades and enjoyed visiting with each other while having awesome snacks and listening to Christmas Music. I stressed the importance of reading over break! They all set goals to make sure they are reading almost everyday over break.  We have a lot to accomplish before the end of this school year.  I hope my kids enjoy their time off, as will I, and come back ready and refreshed to finish strong!


Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!  May 2015 bring you much happiness, good health, and wonderful memories!

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